Outsourced Finance Director Service

Flexible, cost-effective solutions with all the benefits of a top-quality in-house FD

Access to more than one FD resource, thought process, knowledge & experience set

As well as having the financial expertise to guide and support your business, Atom have the strategic, commercial and operational experience to collaboratively help clients on their growth journey.

Financial & Business Strategy. Financial Management. Value-Adding.


What are the Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Finance Director?


No two businesses in the UK are the same. Outsourced Finance Directors use their vast experience to tailor their services to meet the needs of your business.

Expert Solutions:

Finance Directors have built their careers on helping owners and management teams to drive the growth in their businesses. By using this invaluable experience, Outsourced Finance Directors are able to provide expert finance solutions for your business.

Value Adding:

If you are operating a SME business then you already have a lot on your hands. Utilising an Outsourced Finance Director means you are never alone in making key strategic commercial and operational decisions.


By using an Outsourced Finance Director, you will be able to gain access to expert support which is more cost-effective than permanent in-house resource. Outsourcing can be an efficient and flexible alternative to recruitment which can be scaled both up and down depending upon your budget and requirements.


Frequently asked questions about Outsourced Finance Directors

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have seen/received.

Do I need an outsourced finance director?

If you want your business to succeed and grow, then getting some outside help can offer not only offer you expert advice and solutions but also allows you to focus your time on other important aspects of work.

What do Outsourced Finance Directors do?

Outsourced finance directors use their years of knowledge and experience of corporate finance to provide flexible, cost-effective solutions to improve your businesses operations.

What value can Outsourced Finance Directors add?

Effective Outsourced Finance Directors look beyond the numbers by providing valuable insights and expert advice which will help you make informed decisions, reduce risks and work towards your business objectives.


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Our Experienced Finance Directors

Matt Herrell


Matt is a vastly experienced Finance Director & professional with over 20 years’ experience of progressive finance and operational roles, focussing on senior positions within high growth SME entities. He has a demonstrable track record of being integral, as a key member of board teams, in delivering the strategy in multiple businesses, from owner managed to private equity backed.

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Matthew Fannan


Matthew is a senior finance professional with almost 20 years’ experience in finance, accountancy & operational roles with senior positions held in multiple industries. He has vast experience & knowledge in helping to grow SME businesses, including both owner-managed, and private equity owned entities.

To learn more about our team and Atom Financial, visit our about us page.

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