Accurate & Detailed Financial Forecast Models in the North East

Financial forecasting is crucial to helping your business plan ahead and make the right strategic and operational decisions that will help your business achieve its objectives.

Atom Financial prepare detailed financial forecast models so business owners and management teams can best understand their future opportunities and challenges. It is important that forecasts are reviewed regularly to reflect changing trading conditions so we work together with businesses to update their forecast models and provide them with an up-to-date view.

Atom Financial also prepare robust financial forecasting and modelling to help your business and/ or clients secure funding and financing solutions. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality, detailed models that provide reassurance to banks and other investors.

We aim to deliver additional value by ensuring that you are “Investment ready” so that all assumptions can be backed up with supporting evidence.

Examples of our Finance Forecasting & Modelling Include:

Integrated financial forecast models including profit & Loss, balance sheet & cashflows

Rolling forecast models

Detailed cashflow forecasting including 13-week cashflow models

Scenario Planning

Variance analysis with actual performance


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